Hair Essentials

Hey guys! So today I thought I’d post about something that’s very important to me. Hair! I love my hair and I love the things I can do with it but to make it look and feel good it has to be healthy. So here are my hair essentials if you’re trying to get your hair into better condition!

1) Anti-dandruf Shampoo

These shampoos are super effective at get your scalp healthy. This also helps to make your hair a lot healthier as your scalp is where your hair grows out of. They also help to heal split ends. I really recommend this one by a german brand called Linola which you will have also seen in my ‘Empties’ post.

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2) A Good Detangling Hairbrush

This is super important as a lot of hair brushes will simply rip out the knotted or weak hair whereas brushes like this ‘Tangle Teezer’ don’t. I love this brush by the way! It’s incredible!

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3) Bobby Pins

I personally find it really important to have a mix of firm and loose bobby pins. The loose bobby pins are perfect for buns but useless when it comes to otherwise securing hair, which is why firm bobby pins are also a staple.

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4) Small, Clear Hair Elastics

These are so important for when you’re doing updos or braids where you just don’t want your hair elastics to be seen.

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5) Scrunchies

Now even though you may not opt for these for your everyday look, they’re super important if you want to maintain healthy hair. When you tie up your hair in the evening always use a scrunchie as they are loose on your hair and give it space to breathe making it less fragile or breakable.

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6) Normal Hair Ties

Just your standard hairband for everyday use. I like to have some different colours as well as black to brighten up a look.

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7) A hair Donut

This for me is SUCH a staple. I love doing buns and these things are so versatile especially if you have them in different sizes.

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8) Dry Shampoo

This again is a real staple. You shouldn’t wash your hair more than every two day as it damages your hair and creates split ends. That’s why incase your hair naturally gets greasy rather fast then you need to own this!

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9) A Heat Protectant and Detangling Spray

Again, a MUST HAVE! If you use any kind of heat whether you’re curling, straightening or just blow drying your hair, you have to protect it!

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10) Hairspray

Pretty self explanatory. To help you keep your hairstyles locked in place throughout the day.

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11) Blow Dryer

Now I was debating whether or not I should put this on the list just because regularly blow drying your hair can again damage your hair and make it more brittle. But I realised that sometimes you may be in a rush and have to dry your hair fast. I would just recommend to limit how often you use a blow dryer. Try and let your hair air dry as often as possible. I mostly just let my hair air dry!

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You may now be wondering why I didn’t add any styling tools such as a curling wand but I did this because styling tools are the main offenders for damaging your hair and nowadays there are just so many heat-less choices available.

Let me now in the comment section down below what some of your hair staples are and what you would have added or taken off of my list!

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